The exercises to master to be a good soldier

Les exercices à maîtriser pour être un bon militaire - Phil Team

How to train to become a soldier

To become a good soldier, to see an exceptional soldier, you have to prepare. Mentally, but also physically. And it is this point that we will study in this article.

Every soldier, whether French, Belgian or Indonesian, puts his body to the test every day. Everyone has already seen filmed training of special units such as the Russian Spetsnaz. It's not a legend, the military are among the men who test their bodies more than any other profession.


The muscles to target to become better

We have listed for you different exercises that you must be able to chain and master to become a soldier.

Lower body

First your legs. Overlooked by many who feel that having big arms is enough. Your preparation should target all the fibers of your muscles. Which is far from obvious because you will have to work from two different angles: on the one hand you will have to strengthen your legs . The loads that you are going to bear are heavy, it is in your interest to be solid to withstand the weight and the distance to be covered with it.

To work on this sector, you have different exercises at your disposal. Weighted squats and lunges but also hiking on steep terrain with a more or less heavy load on the back.

The second part of your training will concern the endurance of your muscles. Having oversized thighs can certainly help you carry heavy loads, but when you're asked to run or walk for long hours, you'll fall short . To work on this point, you will put your lungs to the test. Split around a track , or on a flat road: the classic 30'30', or 1'30'. But also split rib sessions can be beneficial.

Combined with this, you can alternate with endurance sessions , over one to two hours. Prefer mixed terrain to familiarize yourself with the elevation.


for information, the weight of a military bag can go up to 70 kg...

Upper body

Regarding your upper body, we do not recommend the use of machines that invade gyms. In the field, you will not have to make similar movements.

You must develop a so-called functional physique. That is to say muscles that help you in your daily life, and that are useful to you.

Keeping this principle in mind we recommend different exercises. First, review your classics and try to maintain your skills in push-ups, pull-ups and abdominal exercises. You must be the last to crack on these exercises and for that you must be diligent in carrying out the movements. In order to vary and challenge yourself, you can weight yourself down little by little.

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If you lack power and want to gain strength, you can still use different materials. The Kettlebell on one side which is an amazing tool. But also the military press: this exercise mobilizes an important chain of muscles.

To top it all off, don't forget to work on your abs: Whatever the exercise, vary it.


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