How and Why Become a Reservist?

Comment et Pourquoi Devenir Réserviste ? - Phil Team

Reservist, is this for me? How to become?

Integrating the reserve of one of the Armies can be for many the introduction to a long career in the service of France. Are you still hesitating to fully commit to a military career? So why not become a reservist to find out if it suits you or not.

Conditions for becoming a reserve

Regarding the conditions, you must be at least 17 years old and be of French nationality. You don't have to be condemned.

Whatever the army corps you will serve, (Land, Air, Sea), you will carry out substantially identical missions: the protection of the territory. In order to accomplish the missions as well as possible, you will receive an endowment package identical to that of a soldier in the same job.

Remuneration as a reservist

Regarding the remuneration received, it varies according to your grade / step and qualification. Note that the balance collected is tax exempt.

Finally, becoming a reservist seems to me to be the ideal solution if you are still hesitating to join, or simply to discover a profession different from your professional activity.

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