Military Training: How to Prepare

Entraînement Militaire : Comment se préparer - Phil Team

Put on the uniform of your dreams

Preparing to become a soldier or just keeping fit when you are a soldier is not easy.

Improving your physical condition must be done by not neglecting any aspect of your training. There are a plethora of types of workouts and sports programs you can do to achieve a complete physique.

Explanations of the different important points to build your next fitness program!

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Losing weight

For some, the first step will be to lose fat. Your ideal weight is the one that allows you to perform a wide range of different exercises and sports.

You will find many sports programs to lose weight on the Internet. These sessions must force you to burn calories to lose weight. Your fitness can be done through the practice of swimming. This sport is reputed to develop essential sporting qualities, without risk of injury.

But also by practicing sports aimed at improving your cardio. On the program, jump rope, HIIT and Tabata sessions and jogging! These activities combined will allow you to lose weight quickly.

It is important when following a fitness program to respect rest periods and to stretch. For those who are not familiar with this, do not hesitate to call on a sports coach.


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This part can be approached as the second stage when one has lost weight. Many find themselves affected by this second part because they are stagnating: despite their efforts (or precisely the lack of effort), they will never take the next step.

The persons concerned have an average general physical condition. In order to progress, they will have to focus their preparation on toning up with an intensive cardio program. But also on their muscles with precise bodybuilding exercises.

To develop cardiovascular endurance, we recommend split training. It is recommended to practice this type of session 2 to 3 times a week at most. You can vary these sessions by lengthening the sprint times, and shortening the rest intervals.

Regarding your general physical strength, we recommend the practice of cross-training. This activity targets all the muscles: pectorals, thighs, glutes, biceps, abdominals. Cross-training also allows great freedom in the composition of the sessions, because it is possible to combine exercises such as burpees, sprints, pull-ups, jumps on the spot, lifting weights, etc.

In order to complete your sports preparation, you have the choice of carrying out muscle strengthening sessions. This will allow you to target all muscle groups, especially your bust and your upper body.

High Level Training

Cheer ! You have successfully exceeded the previous levels. You have acquired a certain ease and the physical qualities necessary for the military profession: endurance - strength - resistance.

Now that you are no longer a beginner, body aches no longer scare you! You're ready for longer, harder workouts.

Each repetition of each session should allow you to maintain your level at a minimum.

Do a variety of exercises 5-6 times a week to keep progressing.

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