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Selection of Special Forces

Military videos are often the favorite content of young people. Inspiring and motivating, many find through these images values ​​with which they easily identify.

It must be said that the prestige and intensity that emanates from these exceptional men leave no one indifferent. Training in extreme environments, self-transcendence, intense combat phase...

The French Army has succeeded in inspiring many young people to commit to donning the coveted beret. Balaclavas, state-of-the-art equipment, dangerous missions; all the ingredients to convince (almost) anyone to get involved.

However, many forget that the level and performance both sporting and mental required are just out of the ordinary. Fortunately, some videos are enriching on this point, because they reflect the reality and the harshness of this profession.

Let's review the videos addressing the military selection and training of the French Special Forces.

Marine Commandos

Mythical unit of the Special Forces, the green berets belong to the French Navy above all. Located in Lorient, their selection is considered THE toughest in France. Have you ever heard of the tank? A test much feared by young recruits, we invite you to discover it by clicking here .

To illustrate the hardness of their physical training, here is a video that shows the last stage of their selection.

Click here

The 13th RDP

Little known, the soldiers of the 13th Airborne Dragoon Regiment cultivate secrecy. Become a master in the art of camouflage, their creation dates back to the revolution. The regiment is part of the Army, and is based at Camp de Souge. This camp is the scene of selections and intensive training.

Recently, a video highlighted their degree of mastery of camouflage, to watch the video click here.

For those who shed light on this shadow profession and discover how these elite soldiers prepare, we have chosen this video:

Click here

The 1st RPIMA

The well-known regiment finds its garrison in Bayonne. The 1ᵉʳ Marine Infantry Parachute Regiment was born during the Second World War in England. Very popular with young people who aim to join the Special Forces, his selection and training are no less difficult. Relatively "closed", like the other units of the COS (Special Operations Command), these regiments insist on preserving their anonymity in order to preserve their security.

To learn more about their training and training, we have chosen this video:

Click here

CPAs 10

Air Parachutist Commando No. 10 belongs to the Air Force. Their missions are quite broad:

  • airstrike guidance
  • counter terrorism and release of hostages
  • target designation

The CPA 10s are divided into 15 equity groups. Recruits who wish to join the regiment must face a long selection through various stages.

Here is the illustration with the video we have chosen:

Click here

At the heart of the Special Forces

Through these different videos, we hope to have succeeded in showing you how these exceptional soldiers train. Some of these videos also show the selections of recruits who must endure many hardships before they can claim to wear the beret of their dream.

It is important to state here that we have only covered the "best known" FS units. To learn more about the physical and sports training of the military, we invite you to consult this article.


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