Interview #4: Lightning

Interview #4 : L'éclair - Phil Team

We are proud to present to you Lightning: an active soldier who agreed to answer our questions. In accordance with his wishes, we will respect his anonymity and will refer to him only as The Lightning.

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- Hello Lightning, introduce yourself quickly: age, school background, passions:

My name is Lightning and I'm 24 years old, I'm an active soldier. Concerning my diplomas, I have a BAC pro commerce. I am passionate about sports, travel and video games!

- Why did you become a soldier?

By passion, it is something that I had in me I believe.

- How did you prepare to become a soldier?

I had no real preparation in the proper sense of the term. I was already training regularly before. Sport, physical activities in general are part of my daily life.

- Which regiment are you part of? What is your background in the army?

Currently, I am Brigadier Chief at 1 RCH. Recently, I have been preparing my CQTS as a Leclerc shooter.

- What did you find most difficult during the selection/recruitment process?

Nothing in particular honestly, but if I had to give one point it would be the medical tests. It's a parameter that doesn't depend on us, getting fired for this kind of reason almost always seems unfair.

- Your best memory as a soldier?

The FGE remains a good memory for me!

- Have you participated in external operations?

Yes, to date I have participated in 3 OPEX.

- What advice would you give to a young person who wants to become a soldier?

Give yourself the means to succeed. If you have a goal, work and prepare accordingly. Nothing will be offered to you.

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