France sends troops and equipment to Romania

La France envoie des troupes et du matériel en Roumanie - Phil Team

MONS, Belgium – The deployment of French forces in Romania as part of the efforts of the NATO Response Force (NRF) on the eastern flank of the Alliance is currently underway.

 French armored vehicles brought to Romania as part of
deployment of the NATO Response Force.
French soldiers and vehicles of the Force de

NATO reaction arrive at international airport
Mihail Kogãlniceanu in Romania.
- Photo of NATO Headquarters

The French deployment, which includes units from the 27th Alpine Hunters Battalion (27th BCA), 126th Infantry Regiment (126th RI) and 4th Hunters Regiment (4th RCH), will bolster NATO forces in the region.

The French contingent began deploying to Constanta, on the shores of the Black Sea, with an airlift on 28 February. In 5 days, 21 planes transported about 350 soldiers and a large number of materials, including armored vehicles.

The mission also includes a carrier strike group, which will support the surveillance and air defense system.

The French deployment is part of the strengthening of NATO's defense and deterrence posture on its eastern flank and strengthens solidarity between allied countries.

France leads this year the most ready element of the NRF, a multinational force comprising up to 40,000 land, air, maritime and special operations personnel that NATO can deploy at short notice if needed.


 French soldiers disembark from planes.
French soldiers and reaction force vehicles
from NATO arrive at Mihail Kogãlniceanu International Airport in Romania.
- Photo of NATO Headquarters


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