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Top 6 Meilleurs Livres Militaires - Phil Team

War is often depicted in films, the latest global hit being Dunkirk. It also takes a particular place in the world of video games: you can also find the top 10 of the best military video games on our dedicated article .

In this article, we will introduce you to the best military strategy books.

The Art of War, Sun Tzu

The art of war, Sun zi, Books,

The Art of War is a treated course of military strategies, written by a Chinese general during the 5th century BC. This book is made up of 13 tips, 13 themes, 13 ways of looking at war.

Sun Tzu explains in his book the elements necessary to win a victory:

  • Know when to fight.
  • Know when not to fight.
  • Know how to choose your men.
  • Confrontation tactics.
  • How to observe and analyze his troops.
  • The explanation of division to win all wars.

This work, although it dates today from approximately 2500 years, remains very current. It is not only still in force in the military field, but also in the field of economy and entrepreneurship.

Global Anthology of Strategy, Gérard Chaliand

Global Anthology of Strategy - From Origins to Nuclear | Rakuten

A world specialist in armed revolutionary groups, Gérard Chaliand collects in this book military strategies and war stories from Greco-Latin Antiquity, including the Chinese, Turks, Byzantines, Indians, Persians and Arabs.

A real tool for research, an essential guide for amateurs, this military story is also a new approach to the history of war. The art of war has for too long been considered the specialty of the West. However, the book Global Strategy Anthology highlights the role of other cultures, particularly Eurasian ones.

Operation Turquoise, General Jean-Claude Lafourcade

Operation Turquoise: Rwanda, 1994: Jean-Claude Lafourcade, Guillaume Riffaud: Books

This military history counts the lives of soldiers during Operation Turquoise, an attempt to end the massacre that killed 800,000 Tutsi in Rwanda in 1994. This operation was placed under the command of General Jean-Claude Lafourcade, author of the book.

In this book, the general explains the reasons that led France to intervene in Rwanda. He recounts the daily life and the conditions faced by his troops during this terrible genocide. It also addresses the accusations made against French soldiers, who are sometimes even assimilated to accomplices in the genocide.

The military art of Napoleon, Jacques Garnier

The Military Art of Napoleon: GARNIER, Jacques: Books

Did you know ? French and foreign travelers still travel the path of Napoleon and commemorate his exploits! Napoleon is universally known. From his first appearance on the battlefield, he knew how to bring new ideas, to advance the art of war thanks to his technical and human resources.

His inventiveness and his ability to organize allow him to win great battles. Only one element will push Napoleon to lose a battle and lead him to the tragic fate that he knows thereafter: his excess. The author Jacques Garnier delivers in this publication the military thought of the Emperor Bonaparte, whom he knew intimately during his reign.

Fundamentals of Military Strategy, Carl von Clausewitz

Fundamentals of Military Strategy: Clausewitz, Carl von, Chamayou, Grégoire: Books

Described by Lenin as "one of the most remarkable philosophers and historians of war", Carl von Clausewitz presents a well-filled CV: fighter against revolutionary France, against the army of Napoleon Bonaparte then director of the Military School of Berlin .

The Prussian officer will teach you in a modern way the psychological aspect of the conflict. Clausewitz considers that the warrior must, before fighting, arm himself in a conceptual way: audacity, firmness and cunning must be used to sharpen his mind for a military battle.

The Art of War, Nicolas Machiavelli and Jean-Yves Boriaud

The Art of War by Nicolas MACHIAVEL, Jean-Yves BORIAUD (May 12, 2011) - Books

We began with the art of war and end with the art of war, but from another time and from another author... By writing this work between 1519 and 1520, Nicolas Machiavelli intends to help the Italian princes to defend themselves against the French invasion.

This Renaissance thinker asserts that the victory lies in a return to the ancient strategies of Caesar, Hannibal or even Alexander the Great. Thanks to Jean-Yves Boriaud's translation, Machiavelli joins the podium of military theoreticians, along with Sun Tzu and Clausewitz.


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