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How to increase your number of pull-ups?


Whether your goal is to become a soldier , to gain muscle , or simply to pass your first pull-up . Then this article is made for you.

Pull-ups are arguably one of the most dreaded exercises. They require a lot of strength and resistance to successfully lift your weight over several repetitions.

Forget the crazy techniques and miracle methods that will take you from 0 to 50 pull-ups in two weeks: it's impossible. Progressing on this kind of exercise requires a lot of training and discipline.

Do not confuse practicing with diligence and over-training. Repeated pull-ups, especially when you're not used to doing them, can cause serious injuries .

Think long term, you won't become world champion in 1 month. Rigor and regularity will be the key.

The Different Forms of Traction

There are 2 forms of so-called classic tractions.

  • Overhand pull-ups (or pull-ups) - palm facing forward. This is the most well-known way to do pull-ups, but it is also the one that is considered the most difficult.
  • Supine pull-ups (or chin-ups) - palm turned towards you. This alternative mobilizes the biceps more intensely.


varying the grips will only have positive effects on your level

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Exercises to Improve Pull-ups

Despite these two ways of doing pull-ups, there are a multitude of others. Moreover, we have developed a tailor-made program , to which you can have immediate access. This digital book will give you the keys that will help you pass your first, like your twentieth pull-up!

Our team has gone through the difficulties that you may encounter today. Despite everything, we can give you some tips to progress quickly in pull-ups.

Tips for Progressing in Pull-ups

Be regular in your training. Training every day for two hours for two weeks, then doing nothing for 15 days will not make you progress. Regularity is one of the first keys.

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consistency and rigor will allow you to develop your skills

Focus on novelty. Rush the muscles by making them work regularly differently is beneficial on many aspects. If you do the same number of pull-ups every day, at the same pace...then you won't see any progress.

Opt for rock climbing! Have you ever seen the training of experienced climbers? Their backs are monstrous! They are able to withstand movement in extreme positions. So doing pull-ups is not a problem for them. Take inspiration from their training, their technique. In particular, you will see your technique and your grip on the bar improve.


rock climbing is a perfect activity for anyone who wants to test their body and mind

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To discover more of our advice and training programs, we invite you to consult this page .

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