7 Tips to Train Like a Military

7 Astuces pour s'entraîner comme un Militaire - Phil Team

Many of you want to do training similar to that of the military. By physical challenge, because you aim to become a soldier, or simply because you want to vary your routines.

We recommend that you follow physical training that is similar to that of the military for the many benefits it can bring you: improved cardio, strength gain, better endurance.

Only, before you start and follow one of our programs for example, here are 7 tips to apply to train like a soldier.


Start with a dynamic warm-up

Start with a warm-up that gradually increases in intensity to prepare for your first exercise.

Also finish with calm exercises that help slow your heart rate. You can also reduce post-session pain. This helps achieve an effective, comprehensive workout and prevents exercise-related injuries.

Maximize strength and endurance

You should start each workout with multi-joint exercises (squats, deadlifts, etc.), followed by additional exercises (lunges, pull-ups) that complement your primary lifts to maximize results.

By completing sessions that affect your whole body, then you will be able to see your performance and your physique evolve more quickly.

go for a walk

Marching training is an important part of any soldier's fitness program.

It can also be a great cardio and strength exercise for someone looking to achieve an above average level of fitness. A good starting point is to carry 25% of your body weight for several miles, gradually increasing the weight OR the mileage each week, and always making sure you have plenty of water while you enjoy nature!

Go gradually to protect yourself from possible injuries.

Monitor your heart rate

Cardio training helps to speed up the rate at which oxygen is delivered throughout the body to improve muscle activity.

Monitoring your heart rate allows you to reach and maintain your body's target heart rate. Find your target HR here. It is recommended to do various types of cardio sessions, but if you can only do one cardio session per week, you should train at speed with a THR of around 85%.

The sports we recommend to train like a military are: swimming, running, mountain biking, and crossfit.

Maintain a 1:2 work/recovery ratio

Speaking of cardio training... it's not advisable to push yourself to exhaustion in a single sprint.

To improve endurance, walk/rest for two more units than your sprint. (So ​​if you sprint for 30 seconds, you should walk/rest for 60 seconds, then repeat the process).

You can also work in reverse during certain sessions. For example, running for 60' and recovering for 30'.

Work on your stability to improve your overall performance

Core training (torso/hip muscle groups) improves form while training other muscle groups.

A stable core will help you improve your overall performance, as well as your daily mobility and health.

Preparing meals to meet calorie goals

The armed forces recommend three ready-to-eat meals per day. This is good practice for meeting the calorie goals of your fitness program.

Having meals prepared helps you control and avoid fast and less healthy meals. For optimal performance, your daily calorie intake should match your activity, also making sure to keep your body hydrated throughout your day.


The military mentality

We are coming to the end of our article. To conclude, we would like to give one last piece of advice:

The best thing about working in the military, the one that is paramount to success, is group mentality.

When you fight, when you suffer, you do it together whether it's during a march, you will be stronger and you will go further thanks to your comrades.

It really encourages everyone to keep up the pace, hit the target, and help each other out when needed.


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