Test Your Fitness With These 4 Special Forces-Inspired Workouts

Testez votre condition physique avec ces 4 entraînements inspirés des forces spéciales - Phil Team

Special Forces training, by definition, is one of the most difficult things imaginable.

A mixture of unimaginable physical strength, mental strength and courage. There are good reasons why only a fraction of men make it through the world's toughest selections - from the famed Navy SEAL BUD/S course to the 1st RPIMA's SAS selection and training for US police units. elite - to become super soldiers.

But they all had to start somewhere, right? And since operations around the world require different skills, it takes a special approach to physical fitness to complete the missions successfully.

Below we present a selection of tips, exercises and techniques that special forces soldiers, from the Navy SEALs to the GIGN gendarmes, deploy to get in combat shape. Charge and lock!

British Army AMRAP training

Ready to burn your fat with military precision? This AMRAP training - as many repetitions as possible - is prescribed by Master Sergeant Maré of the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.

By doing a whole series of functional exercises, including wall balls, thrusters, box jumps and rowing, you'll burn a good amount of calories in 30 minutes.

AMRAP in 30 minutes from:

500m rower, 25 box-jumps, 50 wall balls, 50 slam balls, 25 thrusters (40kg), 50m box push

"Strongest in the Court"

"It's not for the faint hearted. This workout has the incredible ability to give you insane strength, speed and endurance," says Bobby Maximus of Gym Jones, who designed the workout for his clients in Special forces.

"These are all skills that make you even more proficient. That's why I used to do it when I fought in the UFC, and why I give it to the Special Forces soldiers I train at Gym Jones."

Promising strength, speed, and endurance, this workout only requires burpee ability.

Here's how it works:

1. Stand in a corner of the room. Do 20 burpees.

2. Run to another corner of the room and do 19 burpees. Run to another corner of the room and do 18.

3. Repeat the pattern until you reach 1 burpee. Rest only when necessary.

GIGN bodyweight training

Consisting of 1700 repetitions of bodyweight movements and 4 km of running, this five-round workout is grueling to say the least.

The GIGN, an elite tactical unit of the French National Gendarmerie, trains in counter-terrorism, hostage rescue, surveillance and more. All of this requires good physical condition, and that's exactly what this workout does.

Good luck !

5 sets of:

800m run, 15 burpees, 20 HSPU (handstand push-ups), 25 toes-to-bar, 30 sit-ups, 75 pull-ups, 100 push-ups, 75 air squats

The Royal Marines Physical Training Test

Designed to test the fitness of a Royal Marine, this circuit emphasizes health, mental toughness and aims to prove a very high level of fitness.

"Fitness within the Royal Marines is one of the essential foundations of the unit as it directly influences operational effectiveness," says the Royal Marines training guide.

"Royal Marines recruit training is physically and mentally demanding, pushing every man who attempts it to his absolute limits. This is due to the extreme and very difficult situations a Royal Marines commando can find themselves in".


For the time :

2.5 km of running, 2 minutes of sit-up, 2 minutes of burpees chained 2 times. Then 40 pull-ups done in sets of five.


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