Phantom military submarine: the Blekinge class (Saab A26)

Sous-marine militaire fantôme : le Classe Blekinge (Saab A26) - Phil Team
The Blekinge or A26 class is a class of submarines developed by Kockums for the Royal Swedish Navy. Originally planned in the early 1990s, the project was called "U-båt 2000" and was expected to be ready in the late 1990s or early 2000s.
Saab's submarines are based on generations of evolutionary design. Drawing on over 100 years of experience, 7 classes of submarines have been delivered to 3 continents.

Act undetected - the ultimate defense asset

Submarines are unique tools for protecting national interests. 
In a world where every movement or asset is exposed, being able to act undetected has never been more crucial. Submarines play a vital role in a wide range of naval operations and tasks, from peacekeeping to warfare, in both offensive and defensive roles.
Submarines can perform domestic missions that no other assets can perform. To meet various international requirements in a wide range of missions, we offer conventional submarines that address three market segments: pelagic, oceanic and oceanic extended range (XR).
Segments are based on a mix of size and technological complexity. By combining a unique range of capabilities, advanced stealth technology, air independent propulsion (AIP), high endurance.

Scalable modular design

Saab submarines offer a flexible approach, meeting the different needs of different navies through a modular design. This flexibility also guarantees upgrades and modifications, making the subs future-proof.

The modules are designed according to operational and tactical needs. Equipment facilities are easily accessible for maintenance and upgrades at any point in the life cycle of the submarine.


Saab submarines are customizable thanks to a modular design, which guarantees operational flexibility over time.
Saab offers conventional submarines that address three market segments: pelagic, ocean-going and ocean-going extended. Saab's submarine range includes larger and smaller submarines designed for a suitable variety of missions and requirements.

Saab's submarine range includes larger and smaller submarines designed for a suitable variety of missions and requirements. Specifications for each submarine segment can be tailored to customer requirements and operational needs.


Saab's pelagic segment refers to our smaller submarines, suitable for long-range missions in narrow or littoral environments. Highly maneuverable with high speed and a large weapon load, these submarines pose a dangerous threat to any adversary. Pelagic submarines have a lower acquisition price and operating cost and can also be offered with Stirling AIP technology for superior submerged endurance.


Throughout our history, we have continuously developed our submarines. The flagship of the ocean segment is the Blekinge-class submarine, currently in production for the Royal Swedish Navy. Its modular design and production method allows the submarine to accommodate a larger and more versatile weapons suite, crews of different sizes, highly efficient AIP systems and a portal multi-mission tm , greatly increasing operational range.

Ocean wide range

Submarines in the Oceanic Extended Range (ER) segment are the largest of the series, designed for much longer missions, larger crew size, and increased weapons payload capacity. Oceanic ER submarines enable long-range operations, suitable for any navy using the forward deployment of their submarines on extended missions.


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