What gift to give to a soldier?

Quel cadeau offrir à un militaire ? - Phil Team

The season of gifts is approaching. With the popularity of e-commerce, buying gifts for others has never been easier. While shopping is easier, knowing how to bring the soldier into your life this holiday season is not.

Whether or not your service member is good at sharing gift ideas with you, we've put together a gift list that won't disappoint. Here's our ultimate guide to gifts for soldiers.



Whether your loved one is a newly graduated soldier or has been in the service for a while, hydration is essential to maintaining optimal health. Help him stay hydrated with a nice tough flask, a gift he's sure to use.

flight simulator

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Silicone rings

Silicone wedding bands are a great alternative to traditional wedding bands, but they also give you the option to change your wedding band whenever you want, for an affordable price. There are also a few companies that make military-inspired silicone rings that are perfect for your fighter.



As we have already mentioned, multi-tools are a great gift after graduation, for example, but they are also a great gift in general.

They are a very handy gift for any service member who at some point may need to use a screwdriver, scissors, pliers, etc. The most commonly used tool in the military is the Leatherman, but any other will get the job done.

cell phone charger

There's nothing worse than running out of battery on your phone. Having a cell phone charger is great for long days at the range or on the road. Here is the model we recommend you buy:

portable solar charger

When your soldier is in the field for several days, a portable charger may not be enough. Solar chargers make charging your phone a breeze, as long as there's sunlight.

A pair of socks


A good pair of socks is essential to keep your soldier's feet in top condition. Give her a gift her feet are sure to enjoy. Below are our recommendations for the perfect tactical socks for your military.

Tactical flashlight


A tactical flashlight is a great practical gift for your soldier. Whether your soldier needs a light while on the job or just for recreation, a tactical light is a great gift to add to their belt.

Hiking gift basket

Your loved one will spend a lot of time hiking and walking. Composing a gift basket with all the essentials of the hike will certainly be an excellent gift for your soldier. Here are some things you could include in the gift basket:

  • Hydration products (salt sticks and Nuun tablets)
  • Stick for drier climates
  • Hand warmers and boot warmers for the cold season
  • Foot powder to prevent blisters
  • A gift card for new combat boots

Bluetooth headsets

Perfect for playing sports or listening to a movie on their computer in the barracks, Bluetooth headphones are an ideal gift for soldiers. There are different types of headphones, but you can ask your soldier if they have a preference for a particular style or pair.

A prayer journal

If your soldier is religious, a prayer journal is an ideal gift to help him continue to pray despite the constraints of the operational.

card game

Your soldier will have a busy schedule throughout their career in the military, but there will also be plenty of downtime. Whether he is on the field to train or hangs out in the barracks, a card game will fill these moments of latency.

"Self-care" items

At the end of the day, all soldiers really need are everyday essentials: soap, deodorant, lotion, face and body scrub, etc.

Instead of providing them with the traditional brands that they could obtain on their own, try to get closer to small businesses held by veterans for example.

What gifts have you ever given your soldier that he enjoyed receiving? Let us know in the comments below!


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