Best equipment and materials of the Military

Meilleur équipement et matériel des Militaires - Phil Team

As a former military person, I get asked all the time what kind of equipment, tools and gear I wore in the field and what was my favorite.

Take a look at this list of basic and exotic gear the military choose to wear in the field to complete their missions.

On any mission, you'll see all the other guys wearing different gear, so no two are alike.

#10 Headgear

You will see a wide assortment of headwear worn by Navy SEALs.

From the boonie hat to the tactical baseball caps, passing by the Shemagh or the black balaclavas, everything depends on the mission.

If you are in the ocean, you can wear a diving hoodie to protect your head from cold water.

On the other hand, if you are in the jungle, you can simply wrap a green T-shirt around your head and submerge it in water to stay cool.

My favorite was a green boonie hat to protect my head from the sun.

I used a mosquito net under the hat to protect me from mosquitoes when I was lying on a site or talking on the radio.

Headgear depends on the mission, but it's fun to see what guys can come up with.


Again, it depends on the mission, as an operation in the water will be different from an operation in the desert.

For close combat, you will see the military wearing a vest similar to the law enforcement vest.

For jungle operations, it is more of a harness that is more open and less hot when worn for long periods of time.

Some of the CrossFit gyms that cater to police and soldiers use plate racks to help them weigh in during workouts.

QUESTION: Why do they wear carabiners on their tactical vests?

ANSWER: You can still use a carabiner for all sorts of things, whether it's carrying gear or being carried by a helicopter. Carabiners are lightweight, don't take up much space, and are easy to use in the dark when you're wet and cold.

If the carabiner is shiny, just dust it with a flat black spray paint to prevent the light from hitting it. You can use it to attach gear, build a climbing harness, or clip it to your sling belt if you need to extract.

You can always find a good use for a carabiner, even if it's to open a beer after cleaning up all your gear.


All the guys in the squad wear a watch, but if you check all the guys in the peloton, most of them will be wearing a different one.

Most guys wear a digital watch because they are cheap and they don't worry if they get lost or broken.

You'll probably see more servicemen wearing my favorite Casio "G-Shock" digital watch than any other.

The second closest watch is the Timex Ironman Triathlon. Great value. Not a big deal if she gets lost during a mission.
A digital watch can be a liability as it can beep with an alarm, so you should turn off all alarms before a mission.

The military tapes the watch face or has a strap that covers the watch to make sure it doesn't shine.

I personally used a Casio g-shock watch at the time and it was a cheap watch for other frogmen.


Almost all servicemen are going to wear sunglasses at some point during the day, unless it's raining on both sides. Hanging out on the boats for a day of diving or at the range for gunfire - you need to have good sunglasses.

From there, you'll see guys wearing goggles on desert missions to keep sand and gravel from getting in their eyes. Most of the time, they don't wear standard goggles during missions.


In the past, the military were fairly non-technical and simply wore green plastic canteens provided by the military.

The reality is that they work. But today all the high speed guys use hi-tech tactical water tank systems.

These systems carry more water more efficiently, but sometimes they leak and don't work.

Either way, they are an improvement and help get the job done.


SERE stands for "Survival, Evasions, Resistance, Escape" and it is crucial that you are prepared. The SERE II E+E kit is essential equipment for any special forces operator in the field.

The E+E kit should contain at least a signal mirror, a small water filter, an extra map, fire starters and local currency as well as gold and silver coins.

If all else fails, this will be your go-to bag when the going gets tough and you have to flee for your life.


No good soldier travels far without a good knife.

The standard Navy MK 3 knife is ideal for all operations, but men carry a wide range of knives.

You can use the MK 3 as a tool to saw through a rope and smash the hull of a sub if you get stuck outside the door.

QUESTION: What type of knife was used in the movie Zero Dark Thirty?

ANSWER: It is a TOPS blade.


All guys usually carry an HK417 equipped with an ACOG, Aimpoint or EOtech and a light. Rumor has it that bin Laden was killed with an EOTech (for all you EOTech haters).

Recently, team members also carry the SCAR weapon system.

The old school guys just used iron sights and didn't care too much about it.

QUESTION: What do you think of the Aimpoint compared to ACOG or EOTech?

ANSWER: It's a personal preference, some use the ACOG and some like the Aimpoint.


You must have a good backpack or all your gear will be difficult to carry and will end up weighing you down.

In the past, we used ALICE bags, then we switched to Berghaus bags.

Today, team members use a wide variety of packs, and the Kelty Map Tactical Backpack is ideal for getting the job done.


Without good shoes, you are worthless on the court. If your boots don't fit properly and your feet are covered in blisters and slow you down, you will become a liability for the team. It is essential to wear suitable footwear to succeed in a mission.

If your feet are damaged, you will not be able to move and complete the mission. You should also make sure that you match the type of boots to the mission.
If you board a ship, you need to make sure that your sole will not slip on the oily metal deck of the ship. If you're carrying a load and traveling through the desert and cacti, you'll need a tall boot to protect your feet and provide stability for your ankles.

It's no secret that the military has been using Durashocks as work boots for over a decade. They are standard equipment after many years of testing.

QUESTION: What shoes were the DEVGRU guys wearing during the bin Laden raid?

ANSWER: I think you mean the Vasque Juxt Multisport shoe. They wore these light shoes instead of heavier boots.


You will see men wearing a wide range of gloves depending on the mission.

These gloves of course prevent tears and blisters, but also keep the hands a little warm or expose them a little less. Here is our review of the Rothco and Mechanix gloves.

The most popular gloves for men are the Mechanix gloves and the Outdoor Research gloves. Look at the team guy's photo at the top of the page - the words "Mechanix" aren't even blacked out on him. Many operators spray black paint over the words to help them blend into the background.


As an operator and depending on your unit, you are potentially going to need the toughest fins out there, with a very wide blade to propel you underwater.

FSs get a wide variety of swim fins, but if they have to pick one from the supplies department, they'll choose the Aqua Lung Rocket fins every time. You can't go wrong with these fins.

Team members will carry extra paracord in case the webbing breaks.


We used the supplied lights for some missions, but always with a red lens so we could read maps at night without impairing your night vision like white light.
It also cannot be seen from afar. White light would make you too easy a target.


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